We all know that inflammation is problem as it pertains to neurodegenerative disease, problems with healing from TBI and now it seems it alters appropriate hypothalamic function in weight control.  Things to consider when looking at your weight.

1. Insulin resistance and c-peptide and glucose usage.
2. Thyroid function, free levels, bindings globulins and autoimmunity.
3. Gut function, inflammation and food sensitivities.
4. Mental and emotional aspects related to food.
5. Caloric intake and the quality of food.
6. The portions of food
7. Exercise amount and type.
8. Adrenal function.
9. Infectious disease that can create inflammation.
10. Optimal male and female hormones.

These are just some of the things that one needs consider when trying to shed some pounds.

Be watching for a book I will be releasing in the next year on the stories behind failed diets and what practitioners, patients and those afflicted are missing.  Going Beyond the Fads!.