Written by: Dr. Brandon Brock, MSN, BSN, RN, NP-C, DCN, DCM, DAAIM, BCIM, DACNB, FICC Structural content edited by: Tara Brock

How do I clear my head out?


Looking at this, there are some really cool issues related to this beautiful artwork. Lets make this one simple, if you want to have a lower chance of dementia and degenerative disease, reducing inflammation, increasing blood flow, improving CSF flow and hopefully reducing some genetic risks, and you are set.

CSF flow, you are lucky. Upper cervical manipulation and cranial manipulation seems to be your best bet. It’s good to know that manual therapy increases CSF flow, which cleans the junk out of the brain that creates havoc. Cool. Inflammation can be controlled by eating the right foods, staying away from harmful environmental substances, infections, autoimmunity, gut issues, controlling blood sugars, insulin, adrenal function, thyroid function and more. We now have nutrition that can control inflammation without destroying the gut lining, leveling the immune system, not hurting the kidneys or or liver. So along with the manipulation and manual therapy, we can utilize nutrition to control inflammation, immune imbalance and immune up regulation that is appropriate. The neurovascular unit can severely impact the brain or cellular structures. We have amazing ways to control lipids, homocysteine, nitric oxides and receptor based activation such as vestibular therapy. Between nutrition, vestibular therapy, controlling inflammation and other physiological factors, we can theoretically increase blood flow to the head per say by up to 30 percent. So certain receptor based treatment to the head and neck, vestibular therapy, inflammation nutritional control, and monitoring multiple systems can so far make a huge difference. Hydration, electrolytes and adequate adrenal and renal function is huge. In adrenal disorders, Na and K will typically split and in renal issues, both Na and K will go up or down together. These along with findings in the anion gap can tell us if a cell can summate to live as well as the acidity of the system. The more acidic, the more problematic things can become. Aging is a factor. As we age, the telomeres do not divide appropriately and they shorten or cells do not divide appropriately and just the process of cell division can cause inflammation. We now have revolutionary techniques to help cellular stability during cellular division. This is amazing and this genetic technique will change the world of anti-aging management. Emotional junk and stress and putting yourself into a very poor environment with several areas will increase the speed of cell death. Your job, your home life, family, your spiritual life, your down time, physical exercise and social life with friends. They all have to balance. Social damage. If you are out smoking, drinking, doing drugs that are harmful to the body, staying out to late, not getting sleep and constantly pushing your body further than it can physically, mentally or spiritually go, then it is going to push your brain to die.


Genetic factors

There are things that you can do to account for genetic factors. There are nutritional, physical activation, neural plasticity, inflammation and cellular excite-toxicity issues that can cause problems. Monitor these and live longer. Stay away from excito-toxins and live longer. This includes artificial sweeteners, MSG and all things hydrolyzed. Shop on the outside of the store, the inner isles have a lot of the things we don’t want.


Summary to living without dementia:

The top ten to think about

  1. Get appropriate therapy, manual therapy and yes you heard it, specific upper cervical and cranial therapy. I like to couple this with the appropriate trans-cranial low level laser therapy technique for mitochondrial health. The outcome of this is better CSF flow, energy production, and less “junk” inside the brain and the cell.
  2. Food: Eat the right food for you. Food that you are not allergic to, food that avoids SIBO if you have it, food that deals with your blood sugar, histamines if you have problems and oxalates if there are issues with those substances. You have to deal with calories, and determine if you need more protein, carbs or fats. For brain a lot of time good fats like coconut and good protein and lower calories with less carbs and 17 hours of fasting every two days a week is good unless you have a contraindication like dysglycemia or diabetes.
  3. Keep your emotions pure. Low stress, good friends, professional enrichment, physical exercises and spirituality. Control partying.
  4. No excitotoxins. No artificial sweeteners and no MSG.
  5. Keep your guts clear. Using the bathroom daily and having a good micro biome, no gut infection and good gut barrier is awesome. A bad gut is a bad brain.
  6. Hydration, electrolyte balance and good adrenal function which goes with stress control is best.
  7. Specified vestibular exercises and brain appropriate treatment with interval intensity training that correlates with adrenal correlation of time of the day to work out with good pretty and post dietary management is great.
  8. Control homocysteine, lipids, inflammation, blood sugar and insulin. All of those together make a bad combination for brain.
  9. Keep the blood flowing with nitric oxide control and blood vessel integrity along with oxidative stress protection.
  10. Monitor genetic risk factors. There are now genetic techniques which in part includes hormonal optimization and telomere stability and appropriate